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A little help?

Hey guys, im from Brasil and i love Forex, I like to study fundamental analysis cuz i learned a lot about it in college. I like to see Forex as a "macromarket" so i trade based on that.
I just set the fundamental with the technical when im trading.
So, im a long therm guy, i love position trading, and i do like 3 or 5 trades in a month, to be as assertive as i can. But i had a lot of trouble with my past broker.
So my question is... what is the best broker to swing trade?? ( Leverage and etc )
Im thinking about Fbs cuz they offer a pretty good leverage ( the max is 3000 ) but idk if they trustable, they look like, but idk i just don't want it to happen again.
Fbs is trustable or there is a better broker to do that?
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I’ve just started forex. I love it. But I’m losing all my money. What do I do?

Okay so I always wanted to trade as I’m obsessed with everything economics. Weird considering I didn’t even take it at university (that’s a story for another day)
After years of wanting to trade, I finally tick all the boxes; over 18, money to invest. (I’m 20M btw)
Okay so start with £250, playing about with it. Putting in all the techniques I’ve learnt over the years but never used besides a demo account. And it’s going amazing. In one day I’ve got £750. This is great. It’s good because it wasn’t an accident, I actually know what I’m doing over all the years of demo trading. But then I hit a wall. I got exited and done one stupid trade and lost every penny of that in the space of hours. My confidence is absolutely shattered and I’m scared to take any risk whatsoever.
I invest another 250 and my confidence is completely fucked. I lost it in the blink of an eye. Finally I put another 250. I’m telling my self that if I lose this, I’m done with this as it’s clearly not for me. So far I’m a £140 and I’m sitting still.
I don’t know what to do. I was doing so well and so motivated but all of that has gone into the trash. My confidence is at an all time low. I can’t afford to keep throwing cash either.
I’m a scalper as swing trades don’t sit well with me.
UPDATE :: okay so I tried to do the whole “no trade for two weeks” but I just couldn’t. I put down another £1500 in my account and told myself that this is the final one. I lost that in about 1 day. I’ve now put another 2000 and lost more then half of that already. Idk what to do
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Trading alongside the algorithm in forex. Perfect set up with the signal today. I love taking one trade per week and letting it ride till Thursday/ Friday

Trading alongside the algorithm in forex. Perfect set up with the signal today. I love taking one trade per week and letting it ride till Thursday/ Friday submitted by trevandezz to u/trevandezz [link] [comments]

A review on a book subtitled “America love in god, heal America”. The author claims it is an international best seller on their Instagram page. I found it when looking at the author’s comment on a forex scam account asking for tips in “investing”.

A review on a book subtitled “America love in god, heal America”. The author claims it is an international best seller on their Instagram page. I found it when looking at the author’s comment on a forex scam account asking for tips in “investing”. submitted by skullchainz to religiousfruitcake [link] [comments]

Merry Christmas and my plans for this Sub.

Firstly, Merry Christmas everyone! Or happy holidays. Even on today I have to squeeze in some chart time. I love forex and all the life lessons it's taught. That being said I wanted to share my goals for my trading career and how I want to include you all.
I personally believe forex has the highest earning potential of any industry ever, (and I'm a real estate investor, dropshipper, and realtor.) I think its sad people who want to educate others on Forex are seen in a bad light due to scammers. I want to do forex the right way and create profitable traders along the way. Am I a rich trader? No. But I am profitable and I LOVE learning and helping others learn. That being said here's what I want to say.
I learn through education so I have created a YouTube to document my journey in all aspects of entrepreneurship as well as trading and I also host a free group chat where 100 people and I chop it up daily on the markets and success in general. I want to bring life to this subreddit and I want success for all. I have nothing to sell. I simply want to spread opportunity.
If you're interested in watching my first analysis video or joining my community, just send me a PM. Love you all, happy holidays 🎉.
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Has anybody actually successfully got out of there own way and became a profitable trader?

I love Forex trading of what I know so far that is anyway I’ve been looking for something I can get into, learn that I can earn extra money from, for a while. I’ve been doing it for 2 months now mainly following signals but placing small trades when I see patterns I recognise.
So far it’s been a very expensive start for me due to poor money management, lack of patience, holding losing trades for too long and probably over enthusiasm. Things I know I’ll have to fix if I want to make money trading.
Of course I still have loads to learn and I’m not saying if my money management etc was right it’d already be profitable
What are some big things you’ve had to change about you personally to actually become profitable?
I think the fact I attach the wins and losses to an amount in money/ value rather than pips doesn’t help me either.
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failing every step i tried to make

When i started trading i've been trying to make the best strategy that works i've had many failures but recently after so many attempts i've had a break through and it's finally looking good for me anyone that is trying so hard in this career path hold in there, it takes as much time as you have and it will work in the end <3
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I’m trying to become a forex trader and would love any recommendations on how to become the best one I can be. And to what to read and study

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Which is a good job to get, as a student, to raise capital for trading?

Right now, my main issue is that I am not well capitalized. I need to get a job as soon as possible to be able to practice more efficiently and be able to grow my account much better. I am stuying economics in college in Argentina (college is free here, but its roughly 6 years long) I am tired of beig a student, I feel like I learn much more by doing and actually being in the markets than by studying idealized theories with assumptions that don’t get the full picture of what’s really going on. Math is useful but I wouldnt say that it takes into consideration the human factor which is ehat really drices the market.
I love forex, I want to become the best of the best at it. And I feel that college is slowing me down. What are your thoughts?
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Euro explodes into never never land out of nowhere

On the back of bad Euro data and more strong US data...God i love Forex
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Creating a trading algorithm help

I'm sure it's been hit on before but I'd like the collective Reddit forex minds to assist again.
I love forex, I love trading, I've got a good strategy. As for computer and coding I know next to nothing. So my questions is, how hard would it be to get an algorithm (on mt4) to act upon parameters like CCI on daily chart above "x" level then looking for CCI crossover. Which then allows it to look for adx signals on a 4hr chart. How hard would this realistically be and does anyone have a link or guide (in depth, very in depth) to do it through MT4. Thanks for the help.
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Are there people doing CFD trading here? If so, please tell us about your trading. Let me start, so I’m with CMC Markets and I trade a mixture of Forex, Commodities, Precious metals and Indices. I’ve been a PH stock trader for such long time and had recently switched to doing CFDs and am loving it

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I love spending time with you. When I’m not with you, all I can think about is how beautiful you are and how much I miss you. #bingo #millionaire #wealth ##binary #binaryoptions #entrepreneur #money #forextrader #forex #business #trade #investor #invest #millionairemindset #bitcoin

I love spending time with you. When I’m not with you, all I can think about is how beautiful you are and how much I miss you. #bingo #millionaire #wealth ##binary #binaryoptions #entrepreneur #money #forextrader #forex #business #trade #investor #invest #millionairemindset #bitcoin submitted by debora225 to u/debora225 [link] [comments]

Sucess Story

Started my journey in June when I turned 18, the legal age required to trade in Canada. Ever since I dedicated myself to the craft of trading I can say it has made me more disciplined in many aspects in my life. I had to come up with strategies to remove overtrading and that 9-5 mentality of trading everyday. It took me some time to realize that trading everyday exposes your equity to a high amount of risk no matter how good the setup looks. Fast forward to November life is great I am making 15,000 per month and I am a funded FTMO trader. This is a manifestation of my efforts and energy going into the trading career that I have birthed. I love my life soo much I am financially free and I can consistently generate profits from the forex market. I started trading live in September, September and October were net negative months but the month of October was the month when I made over 1000 dollars in a day, This post is mainly to inspire others to never give up. My future is going to be amazing by the time. Always stay focused and never quit on something that you cant go 3 hours without thinking about it.
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forex trading is profitable if you treat is professionally as any other business. I have been a professional Forex trader since almost a decade and i really love this job. The advantage in Forex and market trading is that it always shows historical buyers and sellers and when you compare it to now

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Forex Trading. What separates the Losers from the winners.

My name is Tom Burgoine and I am an engineer by trade however love Forex trading and have taken it up as a hobby. I have spent the last 5 years studying Forex and have had help from supposed traders teaching me the fundamentals of Forex trading. This was good as I got to know the basics and how all of the indicators worked and the terminology used etc. Once all of this was learnt, I then moved down the road of starting to trade. Straight away, I was losing money however the buzz of doing this gripped me and allowed me to keep pumping money in. I looked at various strategies given to me and none of them worked. I studied Elliot wave and although I have to agree with the markets moving in 5 and 3 waves, it became very hard to count the waves and at some points felt very contradictive of what I had been taught. It was almost like every rule, had an exception (Is it really a rule). After 3.5 grueling years of losing 40K, I then took a step back and re-evaluated. I asked myself what were the issues surrounding my losing? I know that my mentality was a problem. I was over trading and getting greedy when the wins came in. Secondly and most importantly, I realised that all of the teachings, lessons on indications, and other advice (Although welcomed and useful) was teaching me about reactive circumstances. The Indicators were reacting to market movement which meant by the time I jumped onto the trade, I had missed a bulk.
Being an engineering manager, I always try to find the Logic in things and like to know how they work quite in depth. I know, geekish, however, my mind works only in logic. I decided to try and find a way to be proactive in seeing the market turn rather than reactive and started looking into different tools and indicators. Finally in logically looking at how the market moves, I found the answer.
Market prices move with the pressure of the buyers and sellers purchasing or selling there currencies. I needed to find a way of knowing when the pressure of a market going up (Bullish) or the pressure of a market going down (Bearish) was tailing off, eventually resulting in a reverse. I looked at the indicators and found that momentum does this. I needed a second Indicator as well just to crosscheck what I was being told. I looked at the formula of the MACD indicator and thought the Histogram from the MACD indicator was very good. The moving average slapped on the top however was of no use. I then configured the MACD indicator to only show the histogram. So my Indicators were the momentum (Set to 12) and the Histogram from the MACD.
I traded on the daily as I wanted medium to long term trades. This prevented me and my mind from over-trading. I would look at the daily and would look at the direction of the price movement and the look at the pressure moving it. If the price and pressure (Indicated by the momentum and the histogram) were moving in the same direction then it was all good. The minute I saw the momentum and the Histogram starting to turn while the price still went in the same direction gave me my proactive indication that the market was about to turn. This is when I implemented my strategy. I then went to the 4 hr time frame and waited for the same thing to happen which then gave me an even tighter and closer proactive indication that the market was about to turn. once the 4 hr time frame gave me the same signal, I then moved to the 1 hourly until I received the same signal. I then got to the point of knowing within a couple of hours when the market was going to turn. I needed something extra that would allow me to enter my trade rather than trying to guess which hour was going to be the turning point. I then looked into a third indicator. Stochastics. Stochastics allowed me to see when the market was over bought or over sold. I waited until all of my Signals were in place and then waited for the stochastic to go over bought or over sold. I then entered on the hourly. This has turned my trading around. It has made me slow down my trading with consistent wins and mentally has put me in a better place. I have set up a you tube channel FX Logic, where I will be going through potential trades weekly using this method. I have a introductory video on there as well which talks you through the methodology discussed here with the charts right in front of you. There is no catch just a engineer trying to share his success. Subscribe to my channel and go through the process of growing your account with the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldki7ddTwec&t=10s
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I've been trading since march of this year. I am still searching for consistent profitability, but that all comes down to my mentality. Nothing to do with my skill.
Anyways, after finding myself here, 7 months since i started. I notice how many beginners over complicate forex. Writing down tons of notes , looking for the small and precise information and mostly overthinking. I fell victim to this too. But I've come to learn that a lot of that is irrelevant.
Honestly, what people don't talk about is chart hours and focusing on 1 pair. Wicksdontlie has a livestream I recommend everyone watch, I was in a separate discord group and learned all the basics, but from just watching his streams and watching the charts constantly (whilst making food , playing playstation etc) I got a proper understanding for what forex is and what I have to do to make it.
But the fact people don't talk enough about focusing on 1 pair makes me wonder? If you sit in front of your laptop for hours watching 1 pair move you will get an unbelievable understanding for how the market moves and how YOUR pair moves. You notice the same things over and over again.
I never studied imbalances, waiting for price to develop on higher time frames, lower lows and higher highs, patience, discipline, the different trading sessions (NY,LDN etc). All of that came to me naturally, from hours and hours on the charts, from backtesting and listening to Raja Banks and Uncle Ted's stream.
Don't fall out of love with forex because of confusion etc. It's all due to your mind overcomplicating things. Think of hours on the charts like hours playing football. You get up and kick the ball from a young age, not thinking of the complications on how to hit an outside the boot pass or knuckle ball etc. The more hours you spend doing it the better you will become and the better of an understanding you'll form. Not only on the charts, but an understanding for YOU. What YOU need to do mentally to achieve success. 10% skill and 90% psychology is most certainly true.
Enjoy your journey and prepare for a long ride full of losses and mental battles. That's what your signing up for.
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How to Find the Best Forex Mentor

Any exciting venture you will take will need some help. You will need to talk about your struggles and ask for advice. Forex is no exception. Finding the best forex mentor is not a transaction. Many forex mentors promise results in a month. They are just trying to pull a fast one on you and take money. The best forex mentor should be honest and tell you that currency exchange will be one of the most exciting, emotional and challenging things. People who teach anything, including forex, should do it out of joy. The best teach because they love forex.
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33F single mom, looking for friends☺️

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I'm looking for a news app, something that will send me central bank releases, and other important releases and buzz my phone until I check it

At the moment I love forex live, the central bank section to be more exact, and some of the stuff on the main page, like Greece issues and other important things. Most of the other stuff are data points which have a planned release, so I ignore 90% of the content posted there, but super mad props for the amazing job the Live Forex team does for free.
I downloaded twitter and managed to check them out, and it's not what I expected, and there are like 1000 posts daily with random things too, not just news, it's not the same content like the website.
So, here I am, asking the older fundamental traders, how the hell you manage to get your news? Right now I just check the website from time to time If I'm not at home, and when at home I have a dedicated screen just for forex live. I'm looking for something that I can give permission to ring my phone even on sleep mode in case of certain news, like surprise central bank comments.
Thanks in advance and have a wonderful trading day.
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The South African equivalent of r/wallstreetbets has been created

For those who would like to talk about their trades in a not very serious way and show off whatever smart or dumb decisions you've made with your children's college fund and grandmother's inheritance, JSE_Bets is the place for you!
I welcome traders and betters of all kinds to share what they are doing there (forex, equities and commodities are all welcome) but all I ask is that it be related it to Africa as whole in some way.
As for myself, I'm just a broke uni student doing trades with some spare cash as a bit of a hobby, so I would love it if others could join me in creating a fun and light hearted space for African investors and traders by making your first post over there as a new thread or in the Weekly Discussion Thread just posted.
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Consistently Profitable Trader in Less Than a Year

I just recently got into this subreddit to browse and pretty sure this post will get roasted but here goes.
I started learning forex using babypips around November 2019. Didn’t really take it seriously until I bought a few courses when COVID hit in March and really grinded and studied every day.
On this subreddit, I see a lot of advice to not pay for a course because “you can learn it for free” or you can “YouTube” it. And while that may be true, there’s SO much information online, and a lot of it isn’t good. As a newbie or even long time trader, you can get overwhelmed with BS and the endless amount of indicators and strategies. To each their own, but I believe you’re gonna pay the markets your tuition for learning somehow: either through a mentocourse or just losing all your $$$ to the markets. I did babypips, and while that info was useful, I would say it’s definitely NOT enough to become profitable.
In these past 6 months, I’ve lost and earned a lot. I can proudly say I consistently made 10k+ each month from July-Sept and it’s only going up from here. (I didn’t start with a 10k account either.) Im definitely in the green overall, passed and verified on an FTMO account, and been making around 3k+ each day these past few days (thank you volatility!).
Psychology is the hardest to overcome, but it’s doable. To all the newbies and traders struggling out there, it’s possible to become consistently profitable, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. and F the people who don’t believe in you. But to be fair, you have to have a passion for trading and put in the work. You can’t go into this just for the money. I love analyzing the charts and trading now. It’s changed my life.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to hit me up.
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LOVE FOREX - YouTube The reason why i love loosing money trading forex  forex trading journey WHY I LOVE FOREX, PENNY STOCKS, BINARY OPTIONS, DAY ... PIPs and Trips! I love Forex!

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READ FULL DESCRIPTION & WATCH FULL VID I know I usually don’t have anything good to say about Penny Stocks, Forex, and binary options. However, there are som... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue In this video i explain why i LOVE loosing money while trading forex, YEA I SAID LOOSING, also i explain how the leaders of forever in profit are so successful. Even if you don't trade forex watch ... We Love Forex แก้ไม้ด้วย ตาข่ายฟ้า พิชิตกำไร Ep.2 (24-01-2019) - Duration: 14 minutes, 46 seconds. 105 views 1 year ago This is why i love Forex trading it sets you free, it gives you more time to spend with yourself and family Follow me on ----- Facebook https://... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. i am Aki and I have numerous years of experience trading in Forex and this is my forte. My passion lies with helping people and making them happy. I created ...